Location: CES Aviation & Aircraft

Aircraft, and Aviation at CES

Those planes are growing. Those tail numbers are not from the United States either. Aviation is a fantasy, a hobby, and a pass time for me. While at CES, I always get up early one morning during the show, and have the cab driver pass by the airport a few times so I can see the corporate aviation fleet parked at McCarran International Airport. The show is usually fantastic. The number of aircraft was lowest in 2008, 2012 marks a high point to date.

This year was no exception, but there was a distinct difference. The number of larger jets is increasing, and these jets have foreign tail numbers. This means that these folks flew all the way from a far away land, on this aircraft, stopping to clear customs. Those that are waiting until after take down are here to ferry cargo for the show. This is a newer phenomenon too. The most elegant way to travel the world, trumped by the most elegant way to do trade show transportation. Impressive!

There were a number of corporate jets from the States as well, the Tarmac was definitely a parking lot for aircraft both large and small. Thank you all for leaving them out in the desert sun to glisten for a few days.

Finally, I noticed that the renovations at McCarran International Airport, the 5th busiest in the world, with direct flights to many destinations worldwide, daily, are still coming along. New runways, taxiways are completed, and the airport churns during busy times to fill baggage claim area to capacity nicely. The stimulus monies spent by the Nevada locals are visible to anyone who passes through the airport, or drives around it.
Good show.

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