Location: 2012 Mobile Winner Liquipel Mobile Device Seal

Waterproof Sealant for mobile devices that really work.

Gone are the days where being thrown in the pool ruins your smart phone. Liquipel, one of our 2012 CES innovations seals your phone or tablet to water, yet passes current to chargers, etc. Liquipel, a waterproof sealant designed for smartphones, tablets, and other electrical devices is in it's second generation of release. The new liquipel formula is innovative in design because it allows current from your phone's charger, headphone jack, mini-usb, or other ports to connect through the sealant. Yes, that tablet computer to the right is dunked in a tank of water, and I shook it to create the waves so you could see the reflections. The keyboard is functioning and it is submerged.

That's Right!!!
The current passes through the waterproof, impermeable membrane, to the phone, so that it operates normally.

How does it work?
The Liquipel coating takes roughly 1/2 hour to apply. The electronic device is dipped into the solution to apply the Liquipel to the entire device, inside and out. As the substance cures, it is reduced to a microscopic thin layer of protection for those electronics. Now your phone is no longer effected by the adverse effects of water exposure.