Location: 5 CES Mobile Innovations of 2011

ANDROID: Comes of Age at CES 2011

innovation winners at CES 2011Android stole the show when it came to mobile innovations at CES. It helped that Apple didn't even show up. The fact that so many devices, phones, notebooks, tablet computers, and even cars are now designed to operate with Android is amazing. The new tablet Android operating system, Honeycomb, is starting to look promising.

Keep an eye on making an app for your brand on the Android system. Android outsells Iphone. A quote I heard at the show,
"If my favorite brand doesn't have an APP, it stops being my favorite brand. I feel like that company doesn't understand me."

Nexus S Phones are out. The Nexus S phones are COOL! Over 20 were sitting out to play with at the CES show, and these phones are smooth, the operating systems fast, and the graphics and layout nicer than current Android systems.

Next we have a great thing to tell you all, some of the Samsung Android phones work with fingernails or gloves. There is no official story from the manufacturer, but the system worked through my t-shirt, and my nail. Know that it shouldn't work, the company has no commercial rhetoric regarding the feature, but it might work. Go and try it out for yourselves.

When you are going to upgrade your phone, know that a new, better Android, with Hardware, for your carrier is READY! There are a myriad of new think pads, note pads, and small tablet computers coming that can be loaded with either Windows, or Android. The notebooks are smaller, lighter, and have larger batteries. They even have notebooks coming with larger keyboards, if you want.