Location: 2012 & 2011 Pay Systems Winner Credit Cards

Dynamics Inc wins 2nd year with Innovative Secure Credit Cards

Why does my credit card not have security? That is a question that now has an answer. The Dynamics secure credit card can do that and more. Dynamics Inc. - The credit card that I can encrypt (pin code). The credit card that stops skimming. The credit card that can be controlled because it only gives out the ccv number once (to prevent double runs, skimming, etc.). The credit card that can carry multiple accounts in a single piece of plastic (up to 5). Why CITI is the only company that uses these Secure Credit Cards is beyond us.

We hope you will do as we plan to, ask our banker when we are going to get our upgraded and secure credit cards. For if the bank doesn't care enough to protect me, it's time to go to where this technology is available today. There is a better way, and it's not expensive to implement. We were amazed when we spotted them last year (2011). Seeing these guys again this year (2012) was again a pleasure. It will be interesting to now inquire at our own banks upon our return, especially armed with information from CES. How much is your business worth?
It's only a matter of a few dollars cost as secure credit cards are now a reality.

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