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The Broomfield Designers Annual CES Review

Computer/Consumer Electronics Show Technology Review by Broomfield Designers I have been going to CES, the computer electronics show, for several years now. Usually there is a buzz about something. The energy in the air is fueled by hundreds of thousands of educated and brilliant brains, millions of dollars in marketing budgets, and hundreds of thousands in Per Diems. The whole point of the pandemonium is to find the latest and greatest thing, FOR YOUR NEEDS. The dance is mesmerizing, but wonderful.

2012 CES Show Highlights

Consumer Electronics Show in Lights
This year for Review CES, we decided to only pick a few products that we felt were best in Show. We have found several products that were so amazing to us, that we really had to stop, back up, and show how this can really change things. Take a minute to look at these 8 items from the 2012 CES Consumer Electronics Show based on the information they provide. Under each of their explanations of the product, we follow up with why we think these products could be game changers. We think we did find a few diamonds in the rough at CES.
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Our Hardware Innovation Winner
Modular Computers - The Xi3, 5 Series Modular Computers. A full computer in 4 inches square, with replacable, updateable, and modular parts.
Xi3 5 Series Modular Computers.

Our Software Innovation Winner
3D Graphics - Leonard3Do Software with the "Bird" Your 3D graphic animation software and mouse are Obsolete.
Leonard3Do groundbreaking 3D graphics software

Mobile Innovation of note!
Phone Protective Coating - Liquipel Waterproof Phone Coating. Liquipel makes dropping the phone in the toilet, shower, pool, or lake not much of a problem. All of a sudden I see a load fewer phones being broken. I also see this being adopted by manufacturers as it would reduce the number of claims for phones. On the other hand it may not be accepted, as it would reduce the need for new phones in the market.
You decide...click for Liquipel Information

Robot Innovative Product of Note
Robotic Drone controlled by Iphone - AR Parrot Drone 2.0 Now with HD 720px cameras, upgraded sensors, smooth command, and Iphone Controls. It hovers easier and quieter than most, and send back so pretty good video. Why pay for a more expensive drone in the city?
The AR Drone Version 2.0

Payment Systems Winner for 2 Years Running!!!
Dynamics Inc. - The credit card that I can encrypt (pin code). The credit card that stops skimming. The credit card that can be controlled because it only gives out the ccv number once (to prevent double runs, skimming, etc.). The credit card that can carry multiple accounts in a single piece of plastic (up to 5). Why CITI is the only company that uses these Secure Credit Cards is beyond us.
Secure Credit Cards are Available to your Bank. Ask for them!

Honorable Mentions:
typical scene from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show XYBOTYX - Intra state Robotic cellphone control of a robot with 2 Iphones...
INTEL, ASUS, IBM, etc. - Ultrabooks, state of the art, easy to explain, nice laptops at reasonable rates.

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A look at previous CES Events

The problem started at the 2010 CES show, that year was different, the discussions were not solely related to technology. Politics & law, had just entered the building. By 2011, politics and law more than dominated the discussion at many an exhibitor's CES booth. The year was marked by the beginning of the "Patent Wars" between Google and Apple, the FCC probe into Google, and continual nuances to the Facebook terms of use.
Politics in Computing? This is new.
5 Disturbing Trends in Consumer Electronics
Of course, we did find several things that were very cool back in 2011, and those are still archived here.
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  • Annual CES Goodies

    CES Review by Broomfield Designers CES is always a day for celebrities, and sitings. Lady Ga Ga was in the house, as was Maria Bartiromo, bookended by more models than you could count. The women were beautiful, and the electronics too. The food, the ambiance, that many smart computer folks in the elegance of Las Vegas strip properties are something to behold. Start breaking in your shoes, now, the next CES isn't so far away. CES, the Computer Electronics Show, is a spectacle; you should go next year to see it for yourself.

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