Location: 2012 Hardware Winner Xi3 Modular Computers

Xi3 Series 5 Modular Computers are Innovative!

The Xi3 Modular computers systems bring a whole new set of ideas to the computer hardware game.

Our Winner for Innovative Computer Hardware CES 2012

The 5 Series Modular Computers boast 64 bit, x86 based processor support, 780E Northbridge, SB710 Southbridge, a 16GB mSATA SSD (up to 128GB), 1080P with HDMI capability, dual display standards, and it runs on less than 60 watts at full load. That alone isn't really revolutionary, many computers are as fast or faster, but those specs are reasonable. Windows or Linux Configurations, give users the ability to configure for the software they are comfortable with.

What makes this amazing?
If you want a Windows machine, there is now a modular, upgradeable, and repairable answer to a Minimac. Plus it has a 3 year warranty and a way to replace the parts, not the machine, quickly. These little machines are powerful enough to handle most folks computing needs, and ofter a pair of users at the same time. The ability to have the machine diagnosed, modular parts replaced and or upgraded over time is what sets this type of system apart from any other soldered laptop, aka ultrabook. We think this type of technology could take off as it offers real value to the customer, and it's so tiny it looks cool too.

Will it work? That is always the acid test, and they say these are now available. We may just get one to test it. If others have had good luck, we'd love to hear about it via the contact form.

The Company who builds these little computers is Xi3 Corporation. We are happy to pass along a link to their website at www.Xi3.com. Thanks guys for taking the time to show us what you can really do with a 4 inch square computer, we were truly impressed.